The World of Kinyn

  • The World of Kinyn
    World MapBy Maggie & Julie

    The World of Kinyn

    So that we could both follow where we were and what paths the characters took, we created a map.

  • The Healer and the Pirate Map
    Close up MapBy Maggie & Julie

    The Healer and the Pirate Map

    Just for fun, a little close-up view of the places visited in The Healer and The Pirate.

  • Religions of Kinyn
    Snapped by JuliePhotoshopped by Maggie

    What are the different religions of Kinyn?

    An idea of what a temple may look like in the World of Kinyn, complete with fantasy-like vines that were in no way found in Central Park, New York...this blog post gives a brief overview of the different types of religions in this fantasy world.
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  • Pegasus
    Blog PostBy Maggie & Julie

    The Races of Kinyn

    Learn about the four major races found in Kinyn.
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  • Festival Lanterns
    Blog PostBy Maggie & Julie

    Special Holidays

    Kinyn has special holidays that are celebrated each year. Learn how the people and creatures of Kinyn celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter.
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  • Unicorn Dust
    Blog PostBy Julie


    Magic is all over Kinyn. Some magic users call on evil powers but there are those that were gifted by the Savior with magical abilities that they use to bring honor and glory to God.
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  • Nessa's Lavender Dress
    Blog PostBy Julie & Maggie

    Women's Clothing

    We decided to do a few blog posts that showcase what Nessa and other women in Kinyn might wear.
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